R&D as the Source of Ideas

  1. Research and Development (R&D)
  2. Invention and Patent
  3. Design and Development (D+D) – Forward Design
  4. Reverse Design: Reverse Engineering and Benchmarking (Copying, Imitation and Adaptation)
  5. Extensive Market Research to explore business opportunities: Societal changes, Demographic changes, etc.
  6. Feedback: from customers, employees, suppliers, etc. to uncover in-articulated needs
  7. Previous Experience: Work, Education and Hobby of the Entrepreneurs.
  8. Creativity (Individual, Group and Organizational): such as lateral thinking, mind mapping, metaphors, and brain storming.
  9. Symbiotic Ideas: Combining two or more existing ideas for a new application
  10. Innovation Inspired by Nature (Biomimetics, Biomimicry): new business ideas based on observing natural phenomena. Example: Neuromorphic computing.
  11. New regulations: AI safety regulations and bias remediation
  12. Eureka and Serendipity: New business ideas due to unexpected events!