R&D as a Source of Ideas
Each new business idea has a distinctive pattern of development from its inception.
New business ideas may originate from many sources, which can be classified into 12 overlapping groups.
R&D as a Counterpart for Design and Development (D+D)
• Science pursues and applies analytic methodologies, as the goal is to figure out the structure of an existing phenomenon.
• Design follows synthetic (non-analytic) and integrative approaches, as the goal is to integrate a new thing.
• D+D always starts with a product in mind and going back to get it.
R&D as a Paradigm of Innovation
The unit of analysis is ventures (new businesses) that were
able successfully to commercialize a new technology and become
large enterprises.
R&D as a Set of Activities
The R&D model makes a linear and one-way outlook between three
consecutive stages:
Basic Research, Applied Research and Development Research.